About Us


Avun Avain Support Center helps individuals integrate into the Finnish society and way of live in cooperation with thirds parties and institutions. If you need a place to start, we can help. Some of our key services include:

  • Help with registration and residence permits
  • Housing
  • Learning about your social rights
  • Studying and preparing for your professional life in Finland
  • Working life
  • Family situation and family life
  • Translation services (Finnish, English, Russian and Arabic) on site, or over the phone
  • Support groups
  • Personal Support
  • Urgent Cases and Asylum-Seeker
  • Culture Issues
  • Social Responsibility


Our Believes

Avun Avain Support Center - Personal Support and Hand in Hand Approach

At Avun Avain Support Center we believe that any immigrant, regardless of their background, and where they come from, meets a lot of difficulties when trying to integrate and have a full life in Finland. Difficulties may vary depending on the individual, but the key to any success is SUPPORT, and support, the way we see it, is more than helping you find your way around in the new surroundings, or giving you basic information about life in Finland.

Our key strength is our personal approach. We approach every person individually and provide support related to their specific needs in any aspect of their life in Finland.