Avun Avain Support Center Helps you Register and aquire a residence permit in Finland

Registration and residence permits

Avun Avain Support Center helps individuals settle in Finland, by connecting them with the respective administrations and institutions that deal with registrations and residence permits. At whatever stage you may be at the moment, Avun Avain Support Center can walk you through the process step by step, and make sure that your papers are in order, and you are ready to successfully start your professional life in Finland.


Our Housing services

Finding housing in a foreign country can be difficult for a number of reasons, including language barriers, difficulty finding information on available opportunities, lack of contacts or any other reason. Avun Avain Support Center will help you find a home that suits you and/ or your family. We provide key information on what you need to know before getting a home in Finland, give you the resources that can be used in the home-searching process, and help you with applications.


Learning about your social rights

Apart from responsibilities, we also have rights. And not just civil rights. Social rights are equally important. Your social rights are as important to us, as they are important to you. Every country has a social system, but these can be different from country to country. So, are you sure you know what your social rights are in Finland?
Avun Avain Support Center can helps you learn about your social rights in Finland, connects you with the related institutions, making sure that your work with them becomes easier.


Studying and coaching

Avun Avain Support Center - Studying in Finland

Studying and coaching play a key role in the integration process, as well as in anybody’s professional life in Finland. Finnish language is very important, and usually it comes first in the process. Learning the language improves your chances of getting better qualifications, and the opportunities to better prepare for your professional path in Finland. With our help, and the help of our partners, we can help you find the best solution in your individual situation. We can connect you with right school for you, and explain how the Finnish educational system works, and what are the opportunities that any immigrant can take advantage of in order to become a professional, and find suitable employment.


Working Life Services

working-life in Finland - Avun Avain Support Center Helps you find work in Finland

Working life in Finland may be very different from the working life in your home country. That is why it is important to have sufficient knowledge about how things happen here. What are your rights and obligations at the working place? Whom to turn to when looking for a job? What to expect at a job interview and how you should prepare? What specific papers you need? How about employment contracts? What happens in case you lose your employment? Perhaps, you’d like to start your own company in Finland, but you don’t know how, and where to start.
These and a lot more are important questions when it comes to having a successful professional life in Finland.
Avun Avain Support Center helps with advice and practical actions, by connecting you with the respective institutions in Finland that can put your working life in a favorable position on the way to success.
As we pay special attention to your individual needs, we can provide help with improving your job-searching skills, providing all available resources online and offline, supporting you through the entire process and making sure that you succeed.


Family Life Support

At Avun Avain Support Center we work closely not only with individuals, but also with families. The process of settling with your family in Finland requires special care and support. We will work with you and your family members to register you with the respective institutions, help you find suitable housing, schools or daycares that your children might need. Also, we will provide support with your family’s social rights and privileges.


Translation Services

There are two official languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. Usually, foreigners find Finnish a very complicated language, and have little knowledge of it when first arriving in Finland. Avun Avain Support Center provides translation services in Finnish, Russian, English and Arabic on site or over the phone. With our help, you can work your way around in Finnish institutions and administrations without worrying about the language barrier.


Support Groups

Avun Avain Support Center organizes support groups to work on various topics that are important to the way of life in Finland. We focus on topics like the importance of laughter in life, self-support and motivation, time managements and so on.
Our support groups are designed to help with important decision we must make in life. What are your goals, how to manage in difficult situations, how to develop a hobby, what is it that you truly want achieve in your life? How to spend your spare time, and what are the recreational opportunities in Finland? Avun Avain Support Center provides horse-riding therapy, and many other different techniques to help you in difficult times, and build real life management skills, so that you have a happy and full life in Finland.


Personal Support

Apart from support groups, Avun Avain Support Center offers personal support as well. We can personally work with you to support you through any difficult situation you might be in. At Avun Avain Support Center, we can help you build important self-management and self-help skills, which are essential to having a balanced and happy life.


Urgent Cases and Asylum-Seekers

Avun Avain Support Center provides a free service designed specifically for the needs of urgent cases and asylum-seekers. We help individuals who are in difficult situations in regards residence permits, identification documents, and urgent asylum-seekers. Avun Avain Support Center will give a helping hand when you most needed by assisting you in finding free medical help centers, foods centers, and free boarding.


Cultural Issues

Avun Avain Support Center Helps you with cultural issues in Finland

Culture is a significant part of live in any country. Coming from a different cultural background presents serious reasons to experience a cultural shock. However, in order for anyone to successfully integrate in a foreign country, understanding and tolerating local culture is important.

Avun Avain Support Center helps with cultural issues, and provides solutions in situations, where you are looking for your specific cultural needs to be met without in any way disrupting local cultural practices and customs.


Social Responsibility

We all, as individuals have our social responsibility to the society which we are a part of. Sometimes, due to significant differences in culture backgrounds, understanding what is socially acceptable and what not in a foreign society can be difficult. Learning about your social responsibilities in Finland is of key importance to your integration into society and Finnish way of life.
Social responsibility has many aspects, and there are different ways to be socially responsible. A key aspect is learning how to live in an acceptable way, not breaking the rules and respecting the laws in the country you reside in.
Avun Avain Support Center can help with acquiring these skills, and teach you the ways to pay back to the society that has made it possible for you to succeed in Finland in every aspect of your life.